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Look Back, Look Forward: Our Game Plan for Marketing and E-Commerce in 2021

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I don’t want to repeat how shitty 2020 has been for most of the world. Fortunately, LL BrandLab has done well as many businesses invested more in digital marketing. Our revenue tripled compare to 2019.

My intention, through this review, is to share with you, some insights we gained in the past year and some exciting plans for 2021. Naturally, I'm looking forward to collaborating with you in any possible way to make what we do more valuable to society and more fun.

(Original artwork by Eunjin Choi)

Virtual Creative Team Works

If you had experience with the creative process, you probably know how much nuance and uncertainty is involved. I had one prospect who really liked our portfolio but decided not to work with us, only because we are not “brick and mortar”. However, I decided to do an experiment by setting up LL BrandLab completely virtual – see how long we would last and how big we would scale.

It worked! LL BrandLab has expanded from a one-woman shop to a highly dynamic team with 3 full-time staff and over 50 contractors around the world. We delivered hundreds of creative pieces including brand stories, brand identities, print collaterals, websites, landing pages, videos and even drive-in events. Regardless of Zoom malfunctions, time zone differences and cultural gaps, we surprisingly managed the creative process very well and delivered to our best abilities.

I dare to predict that the virtual team trend in the creative industries will only become more “mainstream” if it is not