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Our Partner, DFI Launches Integrated Growth Marketing Services for Tech and Healthcare Companies

DFI Digital Marketing Transforms Emerging Tech Companies into industry Leaders

TORONTO, Sept. 26, 2023 -- The DFI Group, a leading digital marketing and communications agency specializing in serving emerging tech, healthcare and e-commerce companies, is thrilled to announce the launch of its cutting-edge, integrated growth marketing service. The service is designed to empower emerging businesses with a holistic approach to digital marketing and communications, delivering a competitive edge in today's crowded, fast-evolving landscape.

DFI's services encompass an integrated range of digital marketing and communications programs, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), E-commerce, Owned media, Earned media, and specialized support for startup launches. SEO programs have increased client website traffic 10-100x, and SEM programs have achieved up to 20x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

This comprehensive approach ensures that startups and emerging companies can quickly ramp up awareness and demand - wherever their target customers are – and on whatever key channels they use.

DFI Founder, David Finkelstein has over two decades of tech communications and marketing experience in Silicon Valley and Canada. While DFI partner, Li Lu of LL BrandLab is a digital marketing expert, and best-selling author, with expertise driving growth and sales from zero to 7-figures. DFI's services are tailored to help tech companies accelerate customer adoption, increase visibility, and establish industry leadership positions in emerging markets.

"We believe in a data-focused approach to digital marketing that begins with meticulous testing, to gain actionable intelligence, and then quickly scale based on initial results," said Li Lu, Partner, The DFI Group. "We work with clients to be as flexible as possible, always with an eye on their objectives, and the best strategies to meet them."

"Li's advice and skills in marketing really helped us to start well and gain users quickly," said Huayi Gao, CTO and co-founder, Lila Composter. "Their team works faster and is more affordable than bigger companies. They have extensive digital marketing expertise, which simplified our launch and digital journey."

DFI's services guide companies through every stage of the marketing funnel, from building awareness to consideration, conversion, and ultimately, the closing of sales. This holistic approach ensures that marketing efforts are aligned with business goals and serve to optimize marketing spend.

About The DFI Group

The DFI Group is a digital marketing and communications agency dedicated to helping emerging tech, e-commerce and healthcare companies succeed in a hyper-competitive landscape. Based just north of Toronto, The DFI Group is comprised of senior consultants with extensive Silicon Valley and Canadian communications and digital marketing experience. The DFI Group has a track record of helping emerging companies build visibility in North America and globally, while facilitating funding, growth and industry leadership.

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