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Google Ads for eCommerce Stores - Beginner

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Course Outline: Introduction to Google Ads for eCommerce Understanding Google Ads and its Benefits for eCommerce Setting Up Your Google Ads Account and Campaign Structure Keyword Research and Ad Copywriting Keyword Research for eCommerce Products Crafting Compelling Ad Copy and Ad Extensions Creating Effective Shopping Campaigns Setting Up Google Shopping Campaigns Product Feed Optimization for Better Results Search Campaigns and Ad Groups Creating Text Ad Campaigns Structuring Ad Groups for Maximum Relevance Display and Remarketing Strategies Utilizing Display Advertising for eCommerce Remarketing to Capture Abandoned Carts and Past Visitors YouTube and Video Advertising Leveraging YouTube Ads for eCommerce Creating Engaging Video Ad Campaigns Mobile Advertising and App Promotion Mobile Advertising Best Practices Promoting Your eCommerce App with Google Ads Campaign Optimization and Performance Analysis Monitoring and Analyzing Ad Performance A/B Testing and Continuous Improvement Strategies Course Conclusion: Graduation and Future Steps Recap of key takeaways Staying up-to-date with Google Ads trends and changes Course Materials and Resources: Recommended readings, articles, and videos Hands-on exercises and real-life case studies Q&A sessions and forums for student interaction Access to Google Ads tools and resources

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