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Solid Toronto

Solid (Social Linked Data) is the technology that underpins a global movement, being led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee to re-orient the web to its original vision. We are the first and only developer community that introduces Solid to Toronto. 

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What is Solid?

Solid realizes the web as it was originally envisioned, in layman's terms.

In the Solid ecosystem, you own your data, and choose apps to manage it. Photos you take, comments you write, contacts in your address book, calendar events, how many miles you run each day from your fitness tracker… they’re all stored in your Solid POD.  You give people and your apps permission to read or write to parts of your Solid POD. 

This approach protects your privacy and is also great for developers: they can build cool apps without harvesting massive amounts of data first. Anyone can create an app that leverages what is already there.

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Who is this community for?

Solid Toronto is an open community for developers who are interested in learning Solid and building applications using Solid standard. There are over 100 communities We are currently the only active developer community that focuses on Solid. Please join us!

Global Solid Movement: This Year in Solid 2019

Toronto Events


Meetup & Mixer | February Date TBD

Meetup & Mixer | March Date TBD     

Hackathon | May Date TBD


Solid Toronto Meetup | May 13, 2019 | Recap

Join the Community!

Call for Board of Directors

We are developing a Charter for the Solid Toronto community to serve all stakeholders in a more organized fashion. If you are ready to contribute your insights, network and other resources for the global Solid movement, we need you!


Call for Volunteers & Partners

Our events need volunteers and corporate partners! Help us in event planning, venue, food & beverages, and writing blogs. We will make sure you get recognized in the community. 

Please contact to further discuss.

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