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Amaré Antwerp: The Successful Brand That Makes Stunning Vegan Handbags From Cactus Leather

Have you ever found yourself racking your brain for conversation starters during brunch or drinks with friends or colleagues to avoid awkward silences? What if I told you that your next conversation starter could be “Hey, check out my bag, it’s made of cactus leather.” Yes, you read that right, cactus leather! Having moved to Belgium after spending all her life in India, Aum Nanavati, founder of Amaré Antwerp, creates luxury vegan handbags made purely out of cacti, and love of course. Love for animals, the environment, and our planet.

The Latest Fashion Trend: Sustainable Vegan Leather

Fashion trends constantly change; some trends are replaced every few months while others stay in place for a few years. One trend that has been growing in popularity is vegan fashion. This animal and environmentally friendly trend is here to stay for a while, as more people come to terms with the negative effects that fast fashion has on the environment in terms of water usage, toxic chemicals, and animal cruelty.

How It All Started

Aum started this company as a way to create awareness about endangered and ill-treated animals and aims to build a more sustainable world by channeling all her values and beliefs into her handbags. Handbags that make customers feel proud to carry, knowing that they have done their part in saving thousands of litres of water, saving the lives of animals that are vulnerable, and reducing energy consumption. She has crafted beautiful, minimal handbags in several colours and sizes. The little animal attached to the bag tells its own story and helps to raise awareness on animal cruelty.

Having A Social Purpose That Drives Your Brand Towards Success

The success of Amaré Antwerp arises from a consolidation of a powerful social cause and having a well-planned marketing strategy. Having a social cause that drives your brand leaves you with loyal customers that feel connected to your products and values as a business. The beauty of Amaré is that it was built from a social cause, not vice-versa. With a social purpose ingrained into your business model, you will be able to capture the attention of more customers and be determined to consistently grow and evolve your business. A portion of every sale made by Amaré, regardless of whether a profit is made or not, goes towards saving animals and thousands of underprivileged children in India. There are days where they feed over 500 children from the sales they make, which goes to show how successful this brand is. Amaré doesn’t just donate a portion of their sales towards a greater cause, but they also use their Instagram platform to educate their followers on animal cruelty in today’s fashion industry.

The Power Of Digital Marketing

Social media is a very powerful tool, and if used correctly, can generate so much awareness on topics that everyone should be mindful of. Having a strong marketing approach is crucial in order to reach out to more people. The more people you can target, the more brand awareness you receive, and in turn, more people are educated on worldly issues such as animal cruelty. By having an active Instagram page, Amaré targets almost 7000 users who either purchase their bags, share this brand with friends, or generally become more aware of the social cause that catapults this brand towards success. Amaré also has an incredibly informative website, where they educate consumers on the production of cactus leather, on engendered and vulnerable animals, and the ways in which they give back to the community. This website not only showcases their exquisite products but also serves as an educational platform.


Amaré Antwerp has developed a positive reputation for protecting the environment and giving back to the community. By creating this brand, Aum Nanavati has been able to provide luxury vegan leather bags that are fashionable and will never make you feel guilty for the amount deducted from your bank account. Through the use of an exceptionally informative website and an engaging Instagram page, Amaré continues to experience growth and success. So the next time you think about how to add value to your brand, think of a social cause that you stand firmly by, and use your marketing platforms to create a relevant and authentic message that makes your business more personable.

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