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Rapeplay Game Download




 . .RapeLay . . .contains more erotic gameplay and simulation elements. In the story mode, the player assumes the role of an unnamed man, who is part of the surveillance and investigation agency Sex Crime Unit (Shukaku Sentai Ekimu, 卒業式監視隊) and whose job is to look for a serial rapist. He has an in-game journal that he may visit at any time. The player is free to select any of the scenes within the game at will, and in doing so he/she will affect the player character's decisions, dialogue, and ending. The story mode takes the form of a series of interactive e-books and magazine columns written by the player character's partner, and characters referred to as "She" and "Him" in the game. These are written by Kamen Rider Miku, a character who appears in other Illusion works, but in a completely different setting. The player also encounters real criminals during the game. Plot On a rainy day, the unnamed protagonist is walking through the woods, trying to find the safe area where he can take shelter. He encounters a strange man on a hill, but after looking back at the strange man, he disappears. While walking further, the protagonist hears a scream coming from the direction of the strange man. He then looks at the trail of blood leading away from the hill, and finds a girl at the bottom. He falls to his knees and tries to help the girl, but his shaking hands cannot hold the makeshift tourniquet, and the girl dies. In her last moments, she screams for help, and the protagonist sees a man dressed as a police officer walking toward them. The protagonist pretends to be dead, and the man carries him away. The protagonist awakens in a hospital, with one side of his face bandaged. The doctor in the hospital is watching a video of the man who dressed in the police officer outfit in the woods, along with the police officer who carried him away. The police officer who carried the protagonist away is also a character in Illusion's previous work, Kamen Rider Decade, and there is speculation that the protagonist is somehow linked to the Decade Kamen Rider. As he recovers from his injuries, the protagonist discovers that there is a Sex Crime Unit in the hospital, and also finds out that he is named as a suspect in the rape and murder of the girl in the



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Rapeplay Game Download

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