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Sustainability is the new fashion - Canada Goose and its controversy future of fur fashion brands

Canada Goose as a local Canadian brand has been specialized in producing winter jackets for extreme weather since 1957. It used to be known as Metro Sportswear Ltd, later it entered the European market and acquired Canada Goose as its new name. Canada Goose brand is well known for its quality down jackets that resist cold temperature up to -50C°. Many of their jackets were worn in extreme conditions. For example, in 1980, the Expedition Parka line was developed to meet the unique needs of scientists at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station. Many film crews who shoot video in extreme cold weather also consider Canada Goose as their unofficial jackets. Canada Goose Was the Fashion Icon for Winter Jackets

As of 2021, Canada Goose jackets are sold around the price range of $500 to$1500 Canadian Dollars. Their inverted north pole outline and maple symbol at their logo has already become a sign of a certain social class, Canada Goose “is” the luxury winter jackets. It is not surprising to see people were held up and robbed of their Canada Goose jackets on the street during winter time.

Canada Goose was planning for its ambitious global expansion in 2016. However, shortly after its flagship stores in Toronto and New York opened doors, something notorious happened and delayed their grand plan.

For the last 11 years, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have been protesting against Canada Goose for using coyote fur and goose down for their jackets. Many coyotes were caught in the wild instead of raised in farms. Therefore, PETA accused Canada Goose for using wild cough coyotes fur, and complaining that animals' lives ended in brutal ways. During the protest against Canada Goose, PETA members performed as dead animals bleeding on the sidewalks outside of Canada Goose’s flagship stores. They also accused Canada Goose customers of wearing “hate symbols” and “dog furs”.