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Podcast: New Opportunities for Brands Post-Pandemic

If you are looking for new opportunities for your e-commerce business during these tough times, this no-frills podcast with our Founder and CEO, Li Lu, along with CEO of Encompass Business Technologies, Gurmeet Judge, will give you some advice and tips on how to seize opportunities to help your business grow. The podcast covers two main topics including how to achieve your highest potential as an e-commerce business owner in North America, and information on e-commerce businesses in China.

How can businesses expand into North America?

There are several brands out there that are very well established in China but are looking to expand their business into North America. However, they struggle with developing a strong brand presence and being able to connect with customers, which is why, as Li mentioned, it is important to localize the brand into the Chinese language and culture. Minimizing cultural differences as much as possible helps attain a smoother online selling process.

How do you build emotional connections with customers?

If you are trying to advertise a phone plan in North America, a more emotional approach would attract more customers. Instead of focusing on how many minutes of phone calls are available, or focusing on the technical features of this plan, building a connection by telling customers that they can make international calls to their family members back in China makes them feel very understood in a way that someone is fulfilling a need of theirs that is very dear to them.