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E-commerce in a Post COVID Environment

On February 18th, LL Brandlab, together with RBC, organized a webinar titled "Transition To Sell Online In The Post COVID Environment." The event was attended by small business owners, marketing industry professionals and the general public who are following the topic of eCommerce. The guest speaker, our very own CEO & Founder Li Lu shared with the audience her prediction of what the post-COVID consumer environment would settle into, and outlined some key countermeasures to navigate the challenge of selling through eCommerce. At the end, she and a panel of RBC business advisors engaged in an enthusiastic question & answer session with the audience.

The talk focused on two salient questions in the minds of many consumer business owners today - how do I sell to consumers in a post-COVID environment, and how should my business adapt to these changing times?

While our company works with clients from different industries everyday, we noticed one similar thread running through all of them: their consumers are not only choosing to buy their product for its utility and price, but also its story, whether it be revolving around the brand or the discussion it creates with its consumer. Contrary to a product without a story, we find that marketing products with a strong narrative:

  • Generates significant customer loyalty, increasing repeat purchases and recommendations,

  • Which generates a higher Return on Investment (ROI) per marketing effort

  • Ultimately raises the overall impression of the brand.