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Amaré Antwerp: The Successful Brand That Makes Stunning Vegan Handbags From Cactus Leather

Have you ever found yourself racking your brain for conversation starters during brunch or drinks with friends or colleagues to avoid awkward silences? What if I told you that your next conversation starter could be “Hey, check out my bag, it’s made of cactus leather.” Yes, you read that right, cactus leather! Having moved to Belgium after spending all her life in India, Aum Nanavati, founder of Amaré Antwerp, creates luxury vegan handbags made purely out of cacti, and love of course. Love for animals, the environment, and our planet.

The Latest Fashion Trend: Sustainable Vegan Leather

Fashion trends constantly change; some trends are replaced every few months while others stay in place for a few years. One trend that has been growing in popularity is vegan fashion. This animal and environmentally friendly trend is here to stay for a while, as more people come to terms with the negative effects that fast fashion has on the environment in terms of water usage, toxic chemicals, and animal cruelty.